2021 Donation #4 - Grizzly Bear Foundation

They work collaboratively to support the conservation and preservation of grizzly bears through research and public education.

29 January 20212 min read

The Start of a 2021 Do Better Strategy

We will continue MTN Impact's membership responsibilities with 1% For The Planet. In addition to MTN Impact's 1% For The Planet obligations, every Friday, I will also personally donate $100 to a not for profit in the outdoor space. Then I will provide a brief write-up in the newsletter about why I chose a particular organization and what good they do to inform and possibly inspire you to give as well.

The Organization: Grizzly Bear Foundation

Grizzly Bear Foundation

Grizzly Bear Foundation is a registered Canadian charitable organization dedicated solely to the welfare of grizzly bears (Ursus arctos)

 What do they do: They are dedicated to the long-term welfare of the grizzly bear in North America.

What do they really do: They work collaboratively to support the conservation and preservation of grizzly bears through research and public education.

Why They Are Important: As much as I am terrified of them, grizzly bears are an essential part of our natural environment. Their numbers declined significantly when Europeans settled in North America because of the destruction of their habitat by logging, mining, oil and gas drilling and land development. Global warming is now exacerbating the issue with warmer falls, which means they are denning later, and a decline in their food sources, which means they are moving from more remote higher elevations to lower elevation human-populated areas, looking for alternative foods. These factors lead to increased human interaction and, unfortunately, human-caused grizzly bear deaths. We want to do our part to protect these majestic creatures!

The grizzly bears lived in our country many thousands of years before human beings arrived. Their sustainability at the top of the natural food chain is an indicator of a healthy natural environment. It is, therefore, important that we cherish these animals and safeguard them from extirpation.”

— Michael Audain, Grizzly Bear Foundation Founder

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