About Us

MTN Impact is a call to action.

We are definitely on the pro scientific side of the climate change argument, but we are not here to debate climate change, politics, or economics. We value using our resources to make an impact: If we can all just waste less (i.e. recycle, reuse and reduce) and do better (i.e. consider your carbon footprint) our planet will be incrementally better for it, and we will be able to play more in the outdoors and the mountains for many generations to come.


We know amazing things happen when we spend time outdoors. It’s less and less about being the first to summit that mountain peak and more and more about telling stories around the campfire after spending a day outdoors in the wild. 

It’s about staying connected, even in the far-reaching outdoors.

We believe in influencing the new generations of humans to want to play more, waste less and do better. Getting outside, wasting less of our resources, and giving more back.


Our mission is to save the planet.

We believe in plastic-free oceans and unpolluted air and rivers. We believe in living sustainable and ethical lives. We believe in saving leopards and rhinos, dolphins and sharks, bears and bees. We want our great-grandkids to see all these creatures alive in the wild.

We understand that it will take a long time and be a difficult battle. We hope our kids and grandkids will take up the fight.


MTN Impact’s vision is to become the world’s trusted partner that educates, inspires and enables all peoples to experience and protect the outdoors

165 million people in the US and Canada participate annually in outdoor experiences, with an audience spending over $650B annually on outdoor pursuits.

MTN Impact is a startup media-led platform with a scalable content-to-commerce business model.  MTN Impact is being built to harness this massive audience's passion and disrupt the current “consumptive” thinking around the outdoors.

With an eco-forward media platform and an “outdoors accessible” community portal, MTN Impact will be funded by fully integrated e-commerce products to connect friends and fellow outdoor enthusiasts in all the far-reaching outdoor spaces.


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