The Long And Drawn-Out Death Of Print Media

I am sure I would get no debate when I pontificate that the internet has disrupted no industry more than print media.

05 February 20213 min read

These words originally appeared in the October 5th version of The Daily Thread (now MTN Impact). I thought it was important from the outdoor industry and sustainability perspectives to focus on it. I have included the original content and some additional thoughts and links from the media around the topic.

Bike, Powder, Snowboarder, and Surfer Magazines Shut Down: I am sure I would get no debate when I pontificate that the internet has disrupted no industry more than print media. On the one hand, I love reading magazines when off the grid, relaxing at camp. Still, there are definitely sustainability issues on all levels with the mass distribution of paper...from the cycle of life, recyclability and scope 3 carbon emissions. However, on the coffee table in front of me, I have the latest Adventure Journal and what I call the Canadian version of Outside Magazine, Explore. I am nostalgic about magazines. At one point in my 20's, I had some weird magazine subscription that delivered 15+ titles to my apartment each month. Everyone thought it was crazy (and that was the mid-90s). I am sure Powder was probably in that pile.

I'm not going to pretend that I truly understand their business model, but clearly, the old publishing model no longer works. Magazines can't survive simply by offering paid ad spaces to brands. So this leaves only two options for magazine publishers. They can stand their ground and believe in the power of print or accept that print is no longer the be-all-end-all and evolve. The internet is about "eyes on content" they make great content, and, remember, "we the people" are the product...the content is no longer the product. Our engagement gets people paid. Read - 6 min.

End Original

Some many issues here: technology, innovation, print media and sustainability - all tied together.

Additional reading resources:

  1. The Future of POWDER Magazine. Read 1 - min.
  2. SURFER Magazine Deserves a Funeral, Not an Unceremonious Shove Into an Unmarked Grave. Read - 4 min.
  3. A Few More Words About Powder Magazine and Powder Skiing. Read - 8 min.
  4. As publishers grasp for new revenue streams, a ‘‘try-anything’’ approach has taken hold. Read 8 - min.
  5. The Guardian has revealed more details about its target to be net carbon neutral by 2030. Read - 3 min
  6. Once reserved for glossy magazine pages, The CEO Magazine has launched its new immersive app, bringing to life the stories that matter most to the corporate world. Read 2 - min.

Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

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