Welcome To 2021

Thanks to you, the MTN Impact community is now over 500+ strong and growing. When I started writing last year, I had no idea how much this little newsletter would change my life. It has enabled me to inspire so many people to Play More, Waste Less and Do Better. Thank you for all the feedback and support.

The RENU gear store update:

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Newsletter Updates:

Short and to the point...

Starting in 2021, the Monday to Thursday editions will be 3-5 "Good Links," usually ones that we have shared/curated on social media as the best of the previous day, and guess what... Greg (my social-media-master husband 🤓 ) is going to do it for me! 

On Friday, I will send a full-length newsletter with my usual, truly incredible commentary on mountain culture!

If that's all you care to know…see you tomorrow! If you're interested in more, read on.

A little more info...

After some reflection on 2020, the journey seems to have had a positive effect on me...

🥾 I play more in the wilds by expanding my adventure playground beyond the confines of the mountain resort. Though, yes, I'm still worried about tsunamis, avalanches (snow tsunamis!) and peeing outside 🙀.

🗑 Thinking about "less waste" has become a habit...if not an obsession. I'm still a noob in this realm, but I have lots of new "waste less" tidbits to share.

🌎 I am doing better by aligning my personal donations and charity work to be consistent with the MTN Impact mission.

Anyway, enough about me and more about what you can expect from MTN Impact in 2021. 

Our goals:

  1. Level Up: MTN Impact is striving to become more than an outdoor adventure newsletter. Our goal is to be an awareness platform (a better website is in the works) focused on protecting Mountain Culture 🌄 (sports, people and the fragile mountain environment).  
  2. Play More: Through our newsletter, we will endeavour to bring you higher quality curated outdoor news, action-packed videos, cool gear recommendations, and more of my fantastic commentary and humour 😉.
  3. Waste Less: We're setting our sights on an amped-up focus of keeping high-quality used outdoor gear 🎿 out of the landfills and "in play" for your outdoor adventures. We are building this system now and hoping to make an announcement early in the new year.
  4. Do Better: We will continue MTN Impact's membership responsibilities with 1% For The Planet. In addition to MTN Impact's 1% For The Planet obligations, every Friday I will also personally donate $100 to a not for profit in the outdoor space. Then I will provide a brief write-up in the newsletter about why I chose a particular organization and what good they do in order to inform and possibly inspire you to give as well.

The Catch: To accommodate all the new awesomeness, we need to change the newsletter's format slightly, as mentioned previously. I can only do so much every day...COVID-teaching teenagers in high school math and science is taking a lot out of me! 

As I said before, starting in 2021, the Monday to Thursday editions will be 3-5 "Good Links," usually ones that we have shared/curated on social media as the best of the previous day. For all the new subscribers, these links will be from the following categories:

  • Videos: The best action sports videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and, yes, TikTok.
  • Play More: All your sports news, including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, MTN biking, climbing, and yes, some camping, Vanlife, and Overlanding.
  • Waste Less: Tips on saving the planet, the mountains and maybe some $ from your heating or water bills.
  • Do Better: How we can all do better and keep the mountains alive and well.
  • People: The people of the mountain and outdoor sports.
  • News: General news about crazy stuff happening in the outdoors…like people disappearing in National Parks 👽 and Monoliths appearing worldwide 🛸.
  • Gear: The best gear reviews and current deals/offers.

On Friday, we will send a full-length newsletter with my usual quirky commentary!

Believe it or not, that was just the medium version. Read on for even more details about us…or don't, no offence…I will see you tomorrow!

MTN Impact's Evolution

For all you business folks: MTN Impact is a startup media-led platform with a scalable content-to-commerce business model with a purpose to disrupt the current "consumptive" thinking around the outdoors. We aren't a "not for profit" because I am not about begging for your donations. We will make money through our content (and platform) and give most of it back to help environmental causes.

From our acquisition of The Daily Thread last fall (~Issue 160), MTN Impact has grown into more than just a little newsletter. We have evolved into an awareness platform focused on protecting all the mountain activities we love (skiing, biking, hiking and camping) from the scary stuff like global warming, with the worst being the shortening of the ski season! We can't have that!

I'm too busy adventuring to be tying myself to trees and protesting. So instead, I'm creating content (and other stuff soon) to inform and inspire you guys to make small changes to your lifestyle...selfishly, of course...so that my grandkids will be skiing past March in 2050.

MTN Impact is a call to action. Our mission is to save the planet....well, maybe that's a bit much...our mission is to make sure our great-grandchildren have the mountains (and all the outdoors) available for adventuring. We believe in influencing the new generations of humans to get outside, waste less of our resources, and give more back.

MTN Impact's vision is to become a trusted partner that educates, inspires and enables all peoples to experience and protect the outdoors.

So look for us in your inbox tomorrow.

Here's to a beautiful 2021; may it be a year full of growth.

With gratitude,

- Kirsten (and sometimes Greg)


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